Best Web Design for Photographers | Orlando, New York

  • July 15, 2014 2:16 pm
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    Best Web Design for Photographers | Orlando, New York

    As a photographer, the most important function of your website is to showcase your work. Often times, the best website design for photographers is one with minimal content and heavy on photo galleries or full page photos. Because photography is a visual medium, having a website design that focuses on your photos is what will sell your photography to potential clients.

    At authenticWEB, we have designed many websites for all kinds of photographers, including photographers for corporate events and portrait photography. We build customized designs using WordPress, placing an emphasis on your photography. Clean, simple designs allow your work to sell itself.

    Below are examples of websites authenticWEB has designed for photographers:

    Christie’s Photographic Solutions
    Brittany Hodgins Photography
    Karen Haberberg Photography

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